Project «Rings»


It is assumed that you are familiar with Redshift, the interface, and basic functions of Cinema 4D. 

I would like to start by saying that this is not a typical video assembly from the ground up. Instead, this material can be seen as a breakdownof the main points in creating a video:

  • The importance of model quality and complexity of materials
  • Scenes breakdowns (project structure, materials, animation)
  • Editing
  • Compositing (three methods)

Software and assets

  • Redshift 3.5.23 (you can use any with с ACESCg)
  • Cinema 4d 2023.2.2 (the most stable release in time class was recorded)
  • Adobe After Effects 2024 (you can use any with inbuild  support of OpenColorIO)
  • Model is available at 3ddd, in source files you`ll get a proper placed dummy
  • HDRI maps from GSG, but you can use any others
  • Caustics texture pack (you`ll get them)


  1. Importants of 
    1. Model details
    2. Material details
  2. Caustic (metall, glass)
    1. Settings
    2. Faking
  3. Scenes breakdown
    1. Lighting
    2. Materials
    3. Project structure
  4. Editing
  5. Compositing
    1. AOV
    2. Lightgroups
    3. «Laze» compositing


Формат: online

Length: ~1 hour 14 minutes

Lections, files, textures

30    ~20$

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