Cinema 4D: Animation


This material is designed for beginners and people with at lease few months of experience, you should be familiar with the types of keys (spline, linear), distinguish one from the other.

If I had to write a promo text, it would go something like this:


This course is a unique chance for those who want to learn advanced animation techniques in the popular Cinema 4D software. The course includes practical exercises that will help you learn how to create high quality animation!


It was kinda joke, let`s be more specific :

This is not about «12 principles of animation» with new fancy cover, the learning material is more about techniques, optimisations and hierarchy of project, bringing «life» to an animation made with standart keyframes.

This course will not share infomation about Character animation, Motion tracks, we`ll be focusing on timing, controling of keyframes.

In order to focus on the chosen theme without distracting rendering and materials, the scenes themselves will be simplified as much as possible.


Types if Spline Keyframes

Replacement technique


I will show you how we can optimise process of creating variation of clone`s animation

Setting of geometry anchors

An example of building hiereracy for easy
animation improvement


Adding nuances in animation

Semi-procedural animation

Parenting with Tags

We`ll see pros and cons of using Contraint tag in Parent mode.

Animation improvement

This section will mix differnt approaches that were
mentioned above

Also additional lessons will cover: using Rigid body as a animation helper, applying Track Modifier Tag for bounce effects.


Format: online prerecorded lections, project files

Length: ~2 hours

45$  ~32$

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