Cinema 4D: Cloth Training

It is assumed that you are familiar with Redshift, the interface, and basic functions of Cinema 4D. 

The educational material will cover the basic parameters and various examples of working with the Cloth engine (Fabrics, Soft Bodies).

Hours of content are divided into two groups — «Theory» (8 videos) and «Practice» (19 videos).

More of the lessons are recorded in Cinema 4D 2023.1.3, Redshift 3.5.13.  But there are «update»-videos with covering new features.


Table of contents


Parameters and settings that affect the simulation

Breakdown of settings: Surface, Balloon, Soft Body, Mix Animation

Cloth for modeling (a pillow example)

Cloth for detailing (using a pillow as an example)

Using Balloon map
Mixing animation and simulation

Practical section

Launching cloth along a trajectory

Soft body drop

Interaction of complex geometries

Stretching and interaction of «bracelets»


Fabric twisting and pining

Mixing materials, creating «bubbles»

Morphing states

09 - Lines

Dynamic stripes

Optimizing interaction of complex structures

Creating geometry from «patches» and pining the contour

Mixing Mograph with Softbody

Bonus: Doodle3

Additional abstract model package is now included. More than 100 objects that can be used for you projects.



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Format: online + project files

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